Problems with Physics Editor

Im trying to make a simple isometric shape in Physics Editor but when I import the JSON file in to the actor in game salad and change the collision from rectangle to custom, it doesn't change from square to the new isometric shape. Any suggestions?


  • BinnyBinny Seoul, KoreaMember, PRO Posts: 39

    I would recommend checking the actor attribute physics movable.

  • glessnrdglessnrd Member Posts: 5

    @Binny yes it is set to movable and the problem still occurs

  • glessnrdglessnrd Member Posts: 5

    Could the problem itself be Physics Editor? If so, I’d be willing to try Physics Body Editor if it is available for Mac

  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,916

    If you're talking about PhysicsEditor then I recently made a bunch of custom collision shapes, imported them into GameSalad and had no problems.

    Are you constraining the actors?

    Did you definitely correctly use the GameSalad exporter?

    Which version of PhysicsEditor and which version of GameSalad?

    Here's a custom shape I made with PhysicsEditor and just checked works correctly in the latest version of GameSalad. See if this works and the answer should help us pin down the problem.

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