No Mac Developer Certificates Found

gameviccigamevicci Member, PRO Posts: 305

Hi guys,

I published lots of games with GS in these years, for Android, iOs, Mac.

I had exactly this problem some years ago, then deleting all certificates, upgrading all (Mac Os, Xcode and GS) and after some restarts it magically worked (about 3-4 years ago)

Now it's 2 week I'm trying to update a Mac App Store game, after the "Sign App" button in the site....It appears this:

I tried to:

  • erase all certificates from the keychain (in login and in system root)
  • erase all provisiong profile on the Mac
  • create new certificates in the Apple developer site
  • create new updated profiles
  • create even a new "CertificateSigningRequest"

Any suggestions?

I'm becoming mad after about one hundred times of seeing this "warning" message...


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