1/3 years in the making. Navigate Nudibranch: 7.5 Hour movie mainly made in GameSalad.

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Navigate Nudibranch, the project began in August of 2018, and I kept at for months, until I reached a certain point of satisfactory completion, and limit of resources.

The game was a bit too large for direct publishing, so I screen recorded most of the game play, and played around with it in a video editor, waited about 2 days to render the footage, then finally, I got about 7 hours and a half of video. It's mainly cut scenes so i guess I went a bit overboard in the cut scenes...

By the way, Attribute and Animation blocks were used to flip the frames of the cut scenes.

Anyway, Navigate Nudibranch turned out to be a very resource hungry game, and took over 10 minutes to load in the native preview, so editing became a bit challenging later in the project, and by the time of publishing, the game was over 1GB in size, and was unable to be directly published,

however, a smaller version of the game was created named "Navigate Nudibranch Quickly" this title is 52MB, and is available for Android Mobile Devices, and I'm satisfied with it's performance.

You may take a look at the game at Amazon, thanks:


The videos of the main game were uploaded to SquidMetry @ YouTube, there is a total of 5 parts, each part is anywhere from 50 to 120 minutes, so the entire movie is about 7 and half hours, so that's a long film, I guess.

You may view the film in the link below. Thank you so very much for your time to review and engage in this post.



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    Congrats and best of luck!

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    Wow! Labor of love this one. All the best with it.

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    Thank you all so very much for your positive feedback and compliments, it's highly appreciated! Have an awesome week.

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    Update, the video playlist has been updated to private only. The game has been uploaded to the portfolio, thanks to the GameSalad team.

    Thank you all so very much for everything!

    Have a super week.

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    I'm confused. there's no YouTube page in the link given. 7 hours of screen capture playing the game? or 7 hours of actual cut scenes from the game? why is the game file so big? if you are offering the 52MB version (which is tiny) then just focus on that. post a trailer or something and never mind all that other stuff.

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    Greetings, thank you so very much for your feedback, suggestions and patience.

    The 7 hours of screen capture was of the complete game, it was too large to upload, so I just uploaded the screen capture of the entire game for not all can be lost. The 52MB version was made to be uploaded onto Android, this version was reduced and had the nearly all cut-scenes removed.

    A Trailer was made for the 52mb version, this smaller version is called Navigate Nudibranch Quickly.

    After getting help from support, I was able to upload the Complete Version of the game, so I made the 7 hours of video private.

    The full version of the game is currently only available on the Amazon App Store, for the nearly 1GB file size is too large for other platforms.

    Thank you and everyone for everything.

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    Also, the cut-scenes made for a little over 2 hours of the video.

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