Hello old friends...

thunderchildgsthunderchildgs Member Posts: 4

My old account appears to be disolved or something...no badges...nothing...however my game builds at least are still available. LOL Gotta love all those slots games...spent almost 3 years on those.Was going through papers the other days and found stacks of legal pads with number generator methods and tons and tons of If/Than/Otherwise cascades. I think almost 4K lines without the wilds.

Anyways I just thought Id stop by to see how things are going. I have a brand new Mac being delivered Thursday...thinkin about workin on some of my old games if the current software hasnt bricked them.

Either way I have a few game ideas...some writtin on paper...some in my head...feeling it would take me a couple months just to remember how to use GS.

😎 Thunderchild


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