New Macbook Air... Yes or No?

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Im getting back into GS. I have a few games I was working on and decided to finish them out. Ive been gone while and know there has to have been a lot of changes and updates and requirements since I was last here. I travel a lot now so I need a Mac Laptop. Instead of putting a lot of money into the new Macbook Pro. I wanted to know if anyone is using and satisfied with using a Macbook Air for their GS use?

I looked on the site. The last time that part of the FAQ was updated was 2015. SO with all the changes since then. I cant trust the official FAQ.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 688

    i occasionally use my macbook air 11” but found it’s too small for regular use. you’re really the only one that knows what suits you’re needs.

  • CaptFinnCaptFinn Member Posts: 1,826

    Im refering to its ability to handle GS software. Power, system lag, etc etc. Can it handle what GS

  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 688
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    my 2012 model handles the most recent version

  • DorothyHenriksenDorothyHenriksen Member Posts: 2

    The Mac-book Air is the best laptop, I am 100 percent comfortable recommending it to anyone who asks me for computer advice. It has an excellent keyboard and trackpad, and it has a great operating system. It is just a good portable Laptop.

  • Chris FitsimonsChris Fitsimons Member, PRO Posts: 116

    I use GS on an M1 Mac and its fast. If I only had $1000 I would get the air.

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