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    @Gladonia said:
    I can guarantee that for more than a day it did not work

    Personally I'm having problems with downloading generated APKs, super slow. But all that said, those issues are usually the fault of the company who is responsible for the hosting etc.

    As bad as the situation is regarding response times, I wouldn't see an overloaded server as proof of anything.

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    In terms of the bio, who cares? How is it related to anything? Just because someone is a sloppy writer doesn't mean they cannot do anything else properly.

    If they get the ball rolling and do some proper work on the tool, they are free to have as sloppy bios as they wish.

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    @bdusing if you want to troll everyone, just make a slick new bio, upload it on the site and link it here, with the title: I heard your wishes, Major Update released.

    That will probably give you another two years.


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    @ForumNinja said:
    @RowdyPants Yep that's exactly the issue. We have a build that's mostly working currently, but the attribute inspector is still not displaying properly.

    I didn't see this, and I have paid to use the software as a Pro user. My game is due for class next week. When is this patch coming through and if it does not come through in time, how do I go about starting the refund process?

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    We're still trying to find the issue, but for the short term we're prioritizing updating the engine's ad networks in order to support the iPhone X by the cutoff deadline. For the time being we have a beta build that will let you work on Sierra.

    It's got one bug, and that's the fact that the Attribute Editors don't show up on first load. You can get them to show up again by adding an attribute. You can remove the attribute again if you don't need it. @thanksforthepen @Japster I'll just send you the link.

    For the rest of the status update, check here:

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    @adent42 Does the add remove have to be done just the once after opening your file? If so could I have the link too please? Thanks.

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    @squirrel42 it's once per actor / scene after the file is opened. You will have to do it every time, but only for actors/scenes you are editing. Everything seems to stay where it is in the background, even with the UI missing. Basically, just do the trick whenever you see a missing attribute editor/browser.

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    Thanks for the update @adent42

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    ugh, this is probably why mine isn't working.... I just paid to upgrade from my free version also. How long will it be? My scenes weren't opening. (Yes, I have intel and all the system specs for Mac that can cause that issue too).

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    Too late for me. I installed high sierra and cannot reverse it.

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    @abuabed84 said:
    I was about to install it then I checked the forums to make sure, Glad I did.

    Would be even 100X better if we received emails for these kind of issues

    This would save a lot of problems!!!!! A lot of users don’t follow the forums.

    Or important updates and info are buried deep in posts.

    Or English is second language. Easier to translate an email than hundreds of posts.

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