Theme suggestions please - for the TOTB4 GameSalad Game Design competition

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Theme suggestions for the TOTB4 GameSalad Game Design competition

As the title suggests, I'm after everyones theme suggestions for the contest.

The final theme will be announced at the start of the contest on New Years Day. (count down clock at:

Everyone entering the contest has to create a game some how based around the given theme.

The previous 3 themes have been:

Arctic and Antarctic,
The Ocean,

So please give ideas of any sort...

either something similar to before...(i.e. The Desert, Jungle, Farm animals, dreams,)

or perhaps a bit different i.e. (end of the world, electricity, political monetary systems, sharing, )

or perhaps make the theme a technical one i.e. (one touch games, use two multi touches, use the accelerometer in a new way)

Be great to see what ideas people come up would be great to find a theme thats popular but not over down on the app store...(i.e. Zombies are cool but there are so many zombie games out there..)


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