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Submit Your Game to IndieCade 2012

LaurenSaladLaurenSalad Posts: 650Inactive
edited February 2012 in IndieCade

We encourage all GameSalad developers to submit games into the IndieCade competition. You'll find that we've even made a dedicated area on our forums (similar to the TOTB competition category and threads) to discuss IndieCade and your submissions, progress and conversations. In recent months, we have been blown away by the caliber of games being produced by the community and we would love to see GameSalad represented in a festival that celebrates the indie developer.

IndieCade invites independent game artists and designers from around the world to submit interactive media of all types for inclusion in the 2012 Festival. All styles and genres of games are welcome, including PC, browser based, casual, puzzle, mobile, ARG's, serious games, documentary games, art games, activist games, and more. They even encourage games that are a "work in progress," however they must contain at least one finished, playable level.

Submissions are now open. IndieCade will be accepting game submissions January 30th, 2012 through May 1st, 2012. Late submissions are welcome through May 15th for an additional fee.

If you are unfamiliar with IndieCade, visit our GameSalad blog post on the festival and submission process and visit the IndieCade website.


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