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Some Free SFX Download Zips

silentcompositionsilentcomposition Posts: 3Member
Hey Gamesalad Community

I've been playing around with gamesalad recently.
Been putting together a little satirical game for kicks.
It's a Smup, since I love playing games like Gradius.
I'll be sure to post some progress on it when I get done with the first couple levels.

Figured I would post some download zips for some SFX, perhaps some people might need these sounds.

Yes they are free to use in commercial games. I made them, they are not stolen.

Retro Interface sounds

Modern/Scifi interface - Switches/Gears/Etc

Creatures/Hero Sounds

Electric Sounds

Mech Sounds

Suspense/Horror Sounds

Well hopefully these are useful for some of you.



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