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AUDIO INVADERS - Now Free ( for 48 hours) - Marketing prayer

StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
Hey world.

Well my little unique retro audio game Audio Invaders sales were more than a little disappointing.

So I've decided to make the game free for 48 hours to try and get people talking about it. After the 48 hours it will return back to the normal price.

Hoping word of mouth and general 'Wow, I can play using my ears' will drive some better sales once the price goes back up.

I've just updated the game (was approved this morning) fixing some issues with the flame thrower and some little problems with GameCentre.

Obviously sorry to anyone that has recently bought it, but I need to try and give this game its best possible chance to thrive.

Link to App Store.

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