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When i got the email it i got a code do i have to pay and it says it has a threat Norton 360


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    1) no

    2) thats why i dont use windows. Every damn things you download says its a virus.
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    I am having the same problem. And with every respect to John P.'s criticism of Windows, this is the first time ever I've put a file on the machine that Norton simply will not have. Does not ask me if I want to remove it. Just removes it.

    The fact that this behavior is so alarming and unusual is itself what stops me from disabling Norton to download it. I'm worried there may actually be a virus in there. Anyone that knows anything about this, do share.
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    Just turn Norton off, and then install GS.
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    You don't have to disable norton to install, once it removes it from pc go into quaranteen on norton and restore the download wizard by clicking on the file you want to restore which is the install wizard and then try to download again from the email this is how I got it to work
    You do not need to disable norton at all TheMoonwalls is wrong hope this helps you
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    Looks clean to me. You may have an infection of another type though. Might wanna run a Malwarebytes scan on your machine overnight or something.
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    When i got the email it i got a code do i have to pay and it says it has a threat Norton 360
    Ever since the windows comments came into the forum I feel like going to the Apple campus and give the receptionist a big hug to pass along...

    UPDATE: Just stopped by on the way home, the receptionist was a guy... might to try the morning shift...

    UPDATE #2: The hell with it... it's California after all, here's your hug...
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