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I can not tell you how elated I was to find that I can make games right now while i am learning how to make them professionally. But, I am completely confused. I open creator and there are no templates to choose from just a screen and a bundle of options that if I click pretty much does nothing. Please help...

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    Windows Creator is in beta. If you want to make games professionally, you have to wait for official release.


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    What os are you running? And as themooonwalls said, you need to remember that you signed up to be a beta tester, your purpose is to test the app and submit bugs, you will find a lot of them.

    I think the usage of the world beta has been diluted over the years thanks to google. People see beta and expect it to work perfectly.
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    I do not care if I have to wait until the official release that is totally fine. And about the professional game making, I meant that I am currently in school for that and happy to know that I can make them without all the knowledge. I never said that it was suppose to work perfectly obliviously it is a BETA. I just wanted some insight not some douchey answer from Jon Mulcahy but TheMOONWALLS(thank you for your wisdom) answer is what I thought so i guess I am waiting and not staring at a obliviously non-functioning interface.
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    @jcuff0801 - While I am not sure about what exact roadblocks you are running into (other than lack of templates), my suggestion would be to complete the tutorials on GameSalad Cookbook (our learning/tutorial destination) and watch as many videos as you can. This walkthrough of the software will help get you on the right foot and will help give you a lot more understanding and ease of use with game development.

    If you have any specific questions- or feel you are encountering a software bug- please continue to ask questions in the forums and we can help you.


    And like some of our Line Cooks & Sous Chefs have already mentioned, Windows Creator is still in beta and the lack of built in templates is part of that "beta roll out". Please be patient with us while we ramp up this software.

    Other than that- happy developing! and welcome to our development community!
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