gamesalad templates?

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I noticed when I was reading on the tutorial it mentioned "open one of our templates to examine the logic and behaviors used," where can I find these, because when I open up by gamesalad creator, I don't see anything in reference to the templates I just see My Projects


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    You can't open templates in Windows Creator. Please read the forum, before writing a question - there are several topics about this issue.

    GS for Windows is in beta, so some things don't work.
  • LaurenSaladLaurenSalad Inactive Posts: 650
    @Sammie Sample- Our apologies. As Windows Creator is in Beta, we currently do not offer any in-software templates. This is something that we will be looking to add in future iterations of GameSalad Creator for Windows.

    In the meantime, feel free to continue to use tutorials on GameSalad Cookbook to help you gain more familiarity with the tool and game development.
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