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How to change platform

mdtajghorimdtajghori Posts: 24Member
edited May 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Hey guys, how do I change the platform once I've started the project? I am building the project based on iphone landscape but wanted to use the extra screen real estate of the ipad screen template. In the mac version I'm able to do this by going into the project info and change it from 'iphone landscape' to 'ipad landscape' but how do I do this on the windows client?


  • mdtajghorimdtajghori Posts: 24Member
    Thanks! What's the best platform to start the project with? I intend to publish the game on iphone, ipad and android. The reason I'm asking this question is because let's say I start making the game in ipad mode, will it be easy for me to then port it over to iphone and android?
  • kielhansonkielhanson Posts: 12Member
    I found that when you launch GameSalad it doesn't like you select what platform you'd like but has the 'My Great Project' display all set up. Instead of doing anything, just click file/new and you'll then be given a choice.
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