Which of these would you consider a game developer.



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    I would have voted All of the above. If you create a game by whatever which means, you're a game developer in my book.
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    Great answer @SSS! As we enter this new age of digital creation you get very close to what, with the help of others opinions,what I was trying to get my head around; where is the line between artistic expression and mechanics. I agree that terms are miss used and I hope we as a community who are on the front end of this new type of creation would help shape and define what we do.
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914

    I don't think this is a very nice question really.
    @eatingmyhat this is what I was responding to.
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    I spent a good many years supporting developers (companies) on the Mac OS platforms from 8 to 10 as well as the hardware they were running on. Personally I think people are too quick to use the term developer as a status symbol these days. I don't know why but perhaps people think there is a certain higher level of prestige when they add "developer" to the mix (it's kinda like a telemarketer saying they are an in the IT industry). I know graphic and digital artist, GUI artsist, concept artists, programers, engineers, directors, quality analists, testers, project managers etc. etc., many of which work for the forementioned or other large studios. None of them go by the title or call themselves a developer. If asked if they have development experience, the answer is yes.

    Note that the industry is changing and the tools that we can create content while requiring less people, time and processes in order to bring a conceptual idea into a working product. Still, no matter how small the team, the whole is the developer and sure, in some instances that can be one person. An entity that produces/develops content/product. Knows how to acquire/create the resources and see the project from start to finish.

    @FryingBaconStudios, stop being mean. :P

    @SSS well put.

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    @FryingBaconStudios In that case I agree with your comment... I don't see what is the problem with the question.
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    Personally I think people are too quick to use the term developer as a status symbol these days.
    LOL I have met/interviewed/fired many of those. What they fail to understand is that tools do not create great things, people do. If someone thinks that by using a more complex tool he has better skills, he probably not a very good developer. If a coder thinks that his impact of the product is greater than the artist, composer or anyone else in the creative process, he also does not understand that nobody buys code, people buy products.
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    I voted for the last one because this is the vote for me (i make all by myself) but i think a developer is someone who did the gameplay and the design (i think nobody cairs who had made the graphics or something) :)
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    I think that someone playing money to Apple for a developer license that is using an iOS app development platform like GameSalad has earned the right to be called a developer. Splitting hairs on qualifiers is just that - splitting hairs.
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    Yea I agree. The titles developer and designer are pretty broad. Anyone who is hard working at any aspect of it, and the result is professional or quality polished work, deserves to be called a developer. Using GS or not.
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