Illistrator does not save the size correctly??????

PixelBunnehPixelBunneh Member Posts: 13
I am so fed up searching google for the answer to this question... i have adobe illistrator and i create new project, and i start it as 52x52 at 72dpi and i draw my little graphic, and i export it to .png.... and it saves as 55x54!!!! why the heck is it doing that???? >(


  • PixelBunnehPixelBunneh Member Posts: 13
    Oh thank you, i hade looked at that thread, but my bad i must have skimmed over it to quick, i think i was using the wrong verbiage in google because i couldn't pull anything up. I wasn't looking for resizes, because the program should just work anyway was my thinking lol
  • KaiWenKaiWen Member, PRO Posts: 76
    I had similar issues with my graphics too. When you change Width or Height in Illustrator make sure to turn off the Constrain Proportions box. Do this then you should be able to re-size your images as you like. This is what works for me to get my images 52x52 or 128x128 etc...

    Much Luck
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