Creator won't open at all.

dre38wdre38w Member Posts: 79
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I've looked around and I see things about the creator opening but giving an error of sorts or crashing at a certain spot. For me though it won't open at all. I'll double click, run as administrator, run in different compatibility modes and all it gives me is a brief thinking circle thing then does nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and still does the same thing. I've checked the task manager to see if it was running at all but even in the processes I don't see it in there either.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. Anyone else have this issue?
Thank you.

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  • MandibolMandibol Member Posts: 5
    I Had this Issue, my Problem was solved when I installed Internet Explorer 9. I use Chrome so i had IE9 Uninstalled some time ago, but it seems Gamesalad needs Internet Explorer to start. Or at least that Chrome didn't suffice.
  • dre38wdre38w Member Posts: 79
    So Gamesalad has to open in a browser?
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