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Open Dashboard not available

gnomelabsgnomelabs Posts: 2Member
edited June 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
I'm Running 0.9.92 Beta on my Desktop and Laptop, both are running 7. On my desktop there is "File > Open Dashboard" but it doesn't exist on my Laptop. What could be causing this?


  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO
    More info?
  • gnomelabsgnomelabs Posts: 2Member
    I have a desktop and a laptop both with Gamesalad 0.9.92

    The Desktop has the option "File > Open Dashboard" but the one on the laptop does not have that option.

    Both are running Windows 7.

    Why does the desktop have "File > Open Dashboard" but the laptop does not?
  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616Member
    I would direct this question towards the GS support team. There contact page can be found below.

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