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Image Sizing for GS Windows Beta

TheGabfatherTheGabfather Posts: 633Member
edited June 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Since assigning images does not yet automatically resize actors, I'm still a bit confused with image sizing (haven't used the Mac version as of yet).

If I want a 128x128 character in my game, does that mean that I should create a 256x256 image in Photoshop, assign that image to my actor, and then resize the actor to 128x128? Assuming I want to use RI.

Also for backgrounds, is the iPhone 4 resolution 640x960 meaning I should create my background art at 1280x1920 in Photoshop?

Unfortunately I cannot ad hoc build yet to my iTouch & iPhone so I cannot check for image crispness, etc :-<

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