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Since assigning images does not yet automatically resize actors, I'm still a bit confused with image sizing (haven't used the Mac version as of yet).

If I want a 128x128 character in my game, does that mean that I should create a 256x256 image in Photoshop, assign that image to my actor, and then resize the actor to 128x128? Assuming I want to use RI.

Also for backgrounds, is the iPhone 4 resolution 640x960 meaning I should create my background art at 1280x1920 in Photoshop?

Unfortunately I cannot ad hoc build yet to my iTouch & iPhone so I cannot check for image crispness, etc :-<

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    If you want a character with 128x128 image on iPhone retina with resolution independence on, you make it 128x128. If you want a 128x128 character on older devices (non retina) with resolution independence on you'll have to make them 256x256. And they will be 256x256 on iPhone retina.

    If you want the background be 640x960 for iPhone retina (iPhone 4+ res) make it 640x960 not 1280x1920.

    Resolution independence will make your images half their original size on older devices than iPhone 4.


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