Having problems with the Displaying Text for windows

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Im trying to show a count down of number everytime I touch the screen.

The problems I'm having is when I preview my game, the number don't show up.
Then I notice the code I have only works when I take off touch and set it to released.
When I do set it to released, the number only pop up after I touch the screen, and I want the
number there as soon as the game start.

What im trying to do is have a set number like 10 up on the top of the screen. The 10 is suppose to represent how many monster there are on the screen. Then each time you touch a monster the number goes down. So when I touch all 10 of the monster , then the game over sign pops up.
I been trying to pull this off all day and it not coming out the way I want it. Can anyone help?

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    lmao, thanks again Tshirbooth, that works!
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