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screen shot help

Dazza006Dazza006 Posts: 248Member
edited June 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Im in the process of converting my iPad game into a iPhone version, I changed the camera to 768,1024 on each scene.
This is giving me a iPhone version but when I click on the screen shot button the screen shot is to small for the screen shots I need on iTunes connect.(960,640)
anyone know how to resize the screen shots to 960,640 with out making them blurry?
or another way that would take the right size screen shots.

Best Answer

  • DanDaMan123DanDaMan123 Posts: 216Member
    Accepted Answer
    I just opened mine in preview and resized them. It worked for me.


  • Dazza006Dazza006 Posts: 248Member
    @DanDaMan123 ok just tryed that again and it worked cheers.
    I downloaded your stickman game the other week :)
    I like your splash screen how did you do it?
  • DanDaMan123DanDaMan123 Posts: 216Member
    Instead of a splash screen I add a screen before my menu screen and it has the animation.
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