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ok im using a windows machine to create my games.. the question is would i be able to publish my games to apple store with a mac mini? if i purchased the development licence? can you run xcode4 and gamesalad on a mac mini of any type?

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    bumped to see correction in case you are running with cash in hand :)
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    Yup! Though check MacRumours buying guide if you aren't in a rush, I believe they may be due a spec bump.


  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
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    Any intel based MAC will run GS and Xcode (a Mini from early 2006* onwards will be fine)

    *correction.. looks like 2007 onwards as you will need Lion in the long run - there are probably ways around this but it would be a chore.
  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Member Posts: 310
    @rob2 thankyou very much rob.
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