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Android publishing not working with Windows Creator

nicklopeznicklopez Posts: 6Member
edited June 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
I am trying to publish my game using Windows Creator and I keep getting a parsing error with the *.gameproj file. Something to the effect: "There was an error parsing the .gameproj file. Please try uploading project again". I have tried to upload the project several times and always get the same error in Windows. The Gamesalad publisher will create an unsigned apk file and I am able to sign it but when I try to install on my Android phone it just says application not installed. Any thoughts?

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  • JustMe74JustMe74 Posts: 542Member, PRO
    Accepted Answer
    I'm not sure about your device, but on my Kindle Fire, I install the signed .APK for testing as opposed to the unsigned one.


  • nicklopeznicklopez Posts: 6Member
    I tried installing both versions on my Evo but neither installed. Did you get the same parsing error?
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