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I just made one level in my game and I'm setting up the gameover stuff, and now I have it were when the gameover sign fade in , you can pick to YES to play again or NO and go back to the title screen. When you pick yes you get to play the level over again, but I notice when I pick yes it repeat the fade in of the gameover sign, and it don't start the whole level over.

Just to let you know, i can touch YES over and over again and it just repeat the fade in of the gameover sign like it locked on it or somthing. Have something like this happen to anyone b4?

I know this is hard to fix because you have to know how my game is set up.

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    Yes basically, reset levels etc does not change any attributes, you have to manually do this. So when your game over screen is prompted, I assume you have a game attribute for this?

    All you need to do is before your reset scene behaviour, you need a change attribute that changes game over to 0/false. This way, when you come back off the menu into the level, it won't fade in as its attribute that controls it isn't set to make that happen.



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    man I want to thank you, you just dont know how long I've been working on this problem lol. I just did what you said and it worked, you just save my game. I was about to trash my whole idea because i thought i was coding it wrong lol Thanks again!!!!
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    No worries man, glad to help :) Good luck with the rest of the game!
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