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game salad windows problem

ketchupketchup Posts: 8Member
edited June 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
hy i have game salad beta for windows i make a little game ( very simple) and when i want test it i have this error
the error says this :

internet explorer script error
error in the script of the page
Line: 13
font: 2
property or method not supported by 'object
code 0
url: http://localhost ......

continue to run the script on this page??
  If I click yes it does not run

how can I fix?
My operating system is seen

translation from Italian to English
sorry for mistakes

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  • ketchupketchup Posts: 8Member
    my operative systems is windows vista ( vista in english is seen)
  • ketchupketchup Posts: 8Member
    how can i do this ( i use chrome or firefox i hate internet explorer)
  • markpounceymarkpouncey Posts: 8Member
    Hey-- i'm getting kinda the same thing, says "gs undefined". Will check about the ie9 thing and get back with ya'll && thanks for the tip.
  • markpounceymarkpouncey Posts: 8Member
    Hey-- i just downloaded && installed ie9 < even though i use Chrome pretty much all the time > and it fixed the play button problem for me just like you said it would && runs perfect. Thanks && kind regards, mark-p.
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