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I am currently attempting (it's my first game attempt) to create a game which the end result will be about 250 different simple scenes (by simple I mean up to about 6 actors with very basic rules - pretty much just change scene).

I am making this on the Windows Creator Beta for iPhone, and will export to a friends Mac later and upgrade/publish.

I just saw a post about another game where the creator is planning on making 100 levels within the one scene, so there are no loading screens <---- This concept is sort of lost on me, wouldn't that make editing and going back within your game very complicated?

Also, would the loading screens make much of an impact? It's a choose-your-own adventure kind of game so really you just select a decision and then move to the next screen. And there is also the "Pre-load art button" which the tutorial series I watched told me to unclick, so I have been blindly doing this - would clicking/not clicking this option make a difference?

All help is very much appreciated, I look forward to when I am able to help someone else!


  • ericzingelerericzingeler Member Posts: 334
    Well, it depends if each scene/level is functionally the same. If so, using one scene would be ideal. I have experience with this and may be able to help you get on the right track. Post any questions you have.
  • pandathebearpandathebear Member Posts: 15
    @eezing thanks for your response.

    Does it have to be exactly the same functionally? It's more or less just a storyboard and there will be some simple mini-games along the way. So would having a heap of scenes slow the whole game up?

    How do you work with the layers in that regard? I think the whole 'layers' concept in general is lost on me a bit.
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