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Custom Rules Question - Rename?

Rama RakosiRama Rakosi Posts: 10Member
edited August 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
When I drag a rule that has been named lets say collision for red, into the custom rule area. it does not see the rule name , and I cant quite figure out how to name the rule once it has been placed inside the custom rule area.. the place where its easily dragged from, for other actors ect.

Any ideas? as this would help a lot.. And also how do I delete custom rules from this location? under behaviors / custom.

Here's some feedback now, I've noticed that when I use, //Self, //Motion,//Linear velocity // X or Y I get an Invalid path error where the attribute goes.. But the rule still works?. But if I want to go back and change something I cannot see what I placed in there.. like (Self Motion Linear Velocity X + Self Motion Linear Velocity Y) *20 , Cant see it after it says invalid path. but the rule still exists.. or parameters rather..

Sorry if that was confusing :D


  • Try double clicking on the name of the rule, when it's in the custom area, you may be able to change it's name as any other rule

    And, when you drag a custom rule to an actor, the attributes disappear if that actor doesn't share the same attributes with the rule
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