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Help with endless climbing game

Dazza006Dazza006 Posts: 248Member
edited August 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
I have been working on my game for a couple of months and its coming along nicely.
Im having trouble with looping the scene back round.
My game is a endless climbing game and I have been trying to get it to loop back round smoothly, I tried wrap Y but the character will not go completely to the top of the scene.
And I the been studying the Jetpack template
where if position X is > 1900 change attribute to start X.
Which works perfectly on this but when i try this its not smooth you can see my character jumping to position X.

Could someone explain how to get the character to loop back round using wrap Y because the camera is stopping at the top of the scene and the character is moving up which doesn't look right or the easiest way.

Would really appreciate help with this
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