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So a few years ago I took a game salad course on a mac and made some pretty sick games. I came home to find that game salad wasn't available on PC. I recently heard they made it Windows accessible so I just got it. I tried to open up my old games which were all saved as folders with the extension ".gameproj". Game salad reads these as folders and just opens them. So can the windows version not open .gameproj files, or is it just that the files are outdated? Any help is appreciated, thank you!


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    THIS CANNOT BE! Will I be able to convert the files in a later version? Or better yet, is there a file converter out there?
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    Well that is certainly saddening. I had heard that it may be possible in the next release, but I can manage. Thanks for the help!
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    It is comming in future windows updates to be able to go both ways. And as long as your Mac projects are from older versions you will likely be able to get to work right away when they get the windows version compatible with Mac projects.
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