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I was wondering if there was a way to make a Survey style intro for a game, so that when you start the game you have to take a short survey to identify which character you will be assigned, then from that point on that is your character to advance with until you win or delete the file and retake the survey test. basically a tamagotchi format with a wide variety of characters to be chosen from.


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    Thank you so much for you reply im still learning so it would be in a form of a branch in the end like the trees that they created way back when cool thank again
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    Another approach would be to look at those personality tests you often see in magazines where you tally up a score of your answers i.e. if you scored 0-5 from all of the answers you get character A, if you scored 6-10 you get character B, and character C if you scored 11-15 etc.

    At the end of each question add to the score based on their answer I.e:

    If answer = A then TotalSurveyScore = TotalSurveyScore + 1
    If answer = B then TotalSurveyScore = TotalSurveyScore + 2
    And answer C = + 3 etc.

    Keep adding to the TotalSurveyScore with each question and add the relevant weighting/factor to each answer. You may find that answer A should get a score of +5, and answer B should get a score of +2 at one question.

    It may not give you the accuracy you want, but it'll keep your rules cleaner and more manageable.

    Search for magazine personality quiz or magazine personality test on Google if this is unclear.
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