Replicate not working

swilliamsswilliams Member Posts: 0
edited September 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
So I have been trying to use the replicate function to create a series of images that represent the lives of the player. I set up a lives attribute and an image to represent one of these lives, then I was going to use replicate to duplicate this image and set the number of replications to whatever value was contained within the lives attribute. Firstly there is no option to use an attribute for the number of replications which would allow for this to be set up easily, but I figured I could just use a rule to manually change the number of replications once the lives attribute was changed, simple.... but no, I quickly realised that no matter what value I entered in replicate it would replicate the default 5 times, even if it said 3 or 1 it would replicate 5 times, I tried saving and exiting the program to see if it would correct itself but to no avail. Anyone had this same problem?? or is it just me? And sorry if this has been posted elsewhere
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