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Hi everyone, I'm new to Gamesalad and I'm facing a lil problem hope that you people can help me sort things out.

Here's the story. I have my ActorA accelerating on +X, which means it moves faster and faster towards right hand side of the scene. I wanted the scores to update according to how many distance my ActorA travelled (remember the travelling speed is accelerating, not at constant speed), how should I do it?

What i tried is :

if self.motion.linearVelocityX > 0

change attribute
Set: scene.scores
To: self.motion.linearVelocityX*10

but the scores doesn't change at all... Please help me, thanks.

EDIT: The score actually showed up, but only at the initial (which is a random number and stucked there), and it doesn't update as the ActorA moves...

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