Windows Beta + Iphone

bsherb53bsherb53 Member Posts: 5
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Can I build my game on Windows beta, put it through the cloud, and publish it through itunes from the cloud? Or how would I create an iPhone game on windows beta and get it to my iphone/itunes?


  • mathusalemrexmathusalemrex Member, PRO Posts: 116
    You can, you need to open a macincloud account, then open a developer account, then download xcode. Do all your cerificates etc. Register your iphone for testing... then install the mac version of gs... export your game from windows... publish to gamesalad... download the app for testing adhoc styly or publishing to itunes...

    There are some old publishing tutorial for mac, they are out of date mind, but the core of the info needed is there... Good Luck!
  • bsherb53bsherb53 Member Posts: 5
    why do you need to download xcode? couldn't you just use gs on the macincloud?
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