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The PlayHaven Network - Your Experience & Advice



  • pinkio75pinkio75 Posts: 872Member, PRO
    I would say one thing:
    you must have a good game to generate a reasonable profit with both iAd and PH
    this is the first rule to follow:)
  • EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO
    It still needs work IMO...regular stats and analytics are a must for a career / professional developer... They're way behind in that
  • IcedBIcedB Posts: 384Member, PRO
    @Ebreeze obvs ;)

    Check out my other apps at and get in touch with me at :

  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    Heres a pros and cons list.

    PlayHaven -
    Pro - Full Screen, Good eCPM, Good Fill Rate
    Con - US only (i think)

    iAd -
    Pro - Higher eCPM, not as intrusive as play haven.
    Con - Limited territory support, terrible fill rate

    I think it's pretty clear GS needs better monetization. The best way would be for them to work it like In App Purchases. You could drag in an ad banner, select the network, and then type in your account key. Then everything else would be through the network itself. Right now GameSalad wants total control. For example, if you have a pro account, use play haven, then run out of pro, you won't get any payment. So GS basically ties you into their pro system forever if you want payments. This is what is making me look at alternative options to GS down the road. GS needs to give us a little more flexibility and freedom.

    Back on track, I'm hoping they add Mobclix. Great fill rate, great eCPMs. Little bit of a payment issue, but PlayHaven + GS is already 6 months behind on payments.

    Also an issue I have with GS + PlayHaven - Say you have pro, implement ads, and run out of pro 3 months later. Because game salad only pays if you're pro, they might be technically stealing your revenue for those 3 months. (Theory)

    Sorry for getting off track :)

    Revive Apps Getting Low Downloads -

  • ChakkuChakku Posts: 1,513Member
    Is that true??

    But that would mean, if they're 6 months behind schedule, that we only get paid 5-6 times during our 12-month pro cycle...that's definitely not fair.

    I am considering adding PlayHaven in my game when it's done, but if this is the case, I think I'll go with iAd- much better reporting, and you can renew with Apple and still get revenue (assuming you're not stupid enough to update the app when you're not pro)

    @SaladStraightShooter- can you confrim that? What does happen to the revenue from PlayHaven if you're not pro anmore, but syill have PlayHaven-enabled games? :/

  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member, PRO
    If @pinkio75 is losing patience with Playhaven something is wrong!
    Maybe the advent of GS Distribution Network s a sign?
  • pinkio75pinkio75 Posts: 872Member, PRO
    edited March 2013
    Yes @lycettebros
    I got good results with pH, but I had a lot of patience,
    until now i never had a metric to know which game earned me better than others.
    I live with the income of the advertisement, in my experience today is almost impossible to make good profits only with sales; the market is really saturated, there are too many free apps, so it would be nice to have the ability to control PH or any other form of advertising.

  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member, PRO
    edited March 2013
    Over saturation is a real problem and we are all contributing! :-S
  • pinkio75pinkio75 Posts: 872Member, PRO
    edited March 2013
    The problem are big games like r.racing3 in free version.
    perhaps for this reason i have decreased all my revenues.
  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Posts: 970Member
    @pinkio75 , @lycettebros , @Chakku , @poisenden , @IcedB , @Ebreeze

    Hey guys,

    I posted a guide to get ads running on your Android devices now, and it is also an alternate method to run ads on your iOS games.

    You get paid Net15 (so about 15 days after the end of the month), they have good pay for Click Through and Downloads. YOU get to VIEW YOUR reports!

    Best of all, you can do it now!

    Here is the link to the forums for it:
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