score system windows problem

villas111villas111 Member Posts: 10
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hej i just made a score system for my game so when the text where the score shows on the preview it starts at 2
the attribute there is an integer is set to 0 so i had to set it to -2 before it shows 0
then i made a load attribute so when i hit the preview and i get a point and it shows 1 and then go back to the menu and back it should had saved at 1 but its at 2?
if there is someone there can tell me how to fix it please leave a comment


  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlMember Posts: 1,375
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    @villas111 U have to also save the attribue. Are you exiting of the viewer and reopening it or are is there an ingane menu.
  • villas111villas111 Member Posts: 10
    Hej bjandthecatz thanks for your answer i gonna try that but now i have to find
    a solution for the viewer because it sends me this message The script on this page appers to have a problem do you want to stop the i cant test it there.
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