0.10.0 bugs

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This release has been crashing for me literally every 2-3 minutes. I'm having to save my work constantly to make any progress. Most of my project was created in the previous version of creator, so I'm not sure if thats effecting it, or if its just unstable. Another bug I noticed is when you preview the game at for example 50% of the size, and go from the initial seen to the next it cuts the actors in half rather then shrink them down 50%. I could live with that, but the constant crashes are killing me, if anyone has any suggestions, or is experiencing the same issues, let me know so I know if i'm alone on this or not. Thanks

On windows 7 Home premium 64bit


  • akenatonakenaton Member Posts: 4
    Is somebody experiencing some bugs or running problems?
    Is there something special to do before install?
    GS is working fine on my mac but not on the windows version. I'm using vista but my son got same problem on windows 7 32 bits
    I cannot run on windows the project i made with my mac
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