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GS for Windows won't launch - issue solved

vonFlampankervonFlampanker Posts: 0Member
edited October 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Since the beta launch I'd been unable to get the Windows client to launch on my Windows 7 machine. No process listing, no spinning wheel to wait on, no blue screen ... nothing. Finally figured it out the other night when I was working on something completely unrelated.

I had to set Updater.exe in the program's folder to Win98 compatibility. I'd tried compatibility mode on the regular GameSalad.exe to no avail. My problem was that GameSalad.exe was apparently calling on Updater.exe at launch and with Updater not launching, the main .exe didn't follow suit.

Once this was done, the program updated and launched without a problem. I've been looking around for a solution and had noticed a few others having this issue. Hopefully this helps you guys out.
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