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Actor will change scene on some scenes, but not on others.

DannyMBDannyMB Posts: 4Member
edited October 2012 in Working with GS (PC)

I have a menu button which appears on nearly all scenes in my game, which when pressed will change scene to the menu (obviously). It also changes image to appear "pressed" when the touch is held, and then revert to "unpressed" when touch is released.

The problem is the menu button only works on the first level of the game. Any scenes after that and the button only displays the change image behaviour, and not the change scene behaviour.

I have tried placing the menu button on some other menu screens I built earlier, and it works fine. It seems to be broken on any new scenes I create.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!


  • SleemSleem Posts: 3Member
    I feel you, I got the same problem, the change scene actor working right for one scene only and not for the other scenes :(
  • DannyMBDannyMB Posts: 4Member
    @Sleem I changed to use the Mac version of Gamesalad, and the problem disappeared. If you can, I highly recommend using the Mac client. Its not quite as streamlined as the Windows version, but its a hell of a lot more stable.

    The big problem though was I had to rebuild my game in the Mac client. Luckily I wasn't too far in though.

    Good luck!
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