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preview problem for android in windows[email protected] Posts: 4Member
edited October 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Good morning, I have the standard version of GameSalad to windows 7 and can not find the button to preview my game on android.
and only the option "Automatic Updates"

How I can test my game on my android device?
Do I have to update if or if the pro version?

Thank you very much for your time!


  • MantoManto Posts: 793Member
    Make sure you're on the same wifi on your pc and android device. If that doesn't help you may have to use usb.
  • MirtoMirto Posts: 2Member
    I have the same problem. connected with usb but there is no android icon to test.
    And at preferences there is only one option 'Automatic Updates'
  • OrbInteractiveOrbInteractive Posts: 14Member
    edited January 2013
    Looking at what is written on the cookbook for testing on Android Device... it seems that Mac users need to install the GS Viewer. However, there is this note for Windows users..

    "Please note that the GS Viewer is only compatible with the Mac Version of Creator. Windows Creator users can still ad-hoc test projects."

    Ad-hoc testing? What does that mean? Could use a hand here GS Devs. How can we test our games on an android device using Windows Creator?
  • planetbravoplanetbravo Posts: 1Member
    Durauk, does this help with your question?
  • OrbInteractiveOrbInteractive Posts: 14Member
    @Planetbravo, well, you are actually sighting the very page I quoted from in my comment. The page seems to be focused on how to set things up if you have a Mac and are testing on a Android, but isn't very clear on what to do with PC to Android.
  • sniffy176sniffy176 Posts: 48Member, PRO
    @Durauk Ad Hoc testing means you have to actually publish your game, create the android apk and then install that onto your android device if you are using a PC. The android viewer it seems is not yet an option for windows.
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