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Actors doesen't display

When I drag any actor into a scene, it won't display in there. Anyone know a fix for this ? - iPhone landscape


  • dwibredwibre Posts: 192Member
    Check that graphics within your actor are set to visible
  • LyboTechLyboTech Posts: 135Member
    They are, and they should even be by default. Still not displaying :/
  • sampaiosampaio Posts: 1Member
    send it to the front
  • LyboTechLyboTech Posts: 135Member
    Not that either, thanks for trying to help though.
  • FViMaginationFViMagination Posts: 89Member
    Something similar happened to me just yesterday, but all I did was quitting GameSalad and opening it again, everything worked fine then, hope this helps
  • gamewizard99gamewizard99 Posts: 67Member, PRO
    Have you checked the opacity?
  • LyboTechLyboTech Posts: 135Member
    I've tried restarting several times. Gamewiz, I haven't changed the settings from default. Even tried using actors that haven't been altered at all, still not displaying at all..
  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    edited October 2012

    Are you using gravity maybe, so the actors drop out of sight before you have a chance to see them?

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  • LyboTechLyboTech Posts: 135Member
    I wish :p - No, really. I could even start an entirely new project, create a new actor, drag it in and not seeing it. It doesen't display AT ALL. It's only in the new update, had no problem with it previously.
  • miniclip125776miniclip125776 Posts: 6Member
    Is this happening with all the actors? if not, go to the specific actor's atributes and go under graphics and make sure the visible box is has a check in it, if not put a check in it. If it is for all the actors, make a new project, and make a new actor, and drag it on to the screen. If it works, then your project might be corrupted.
  • LyboTechLyboTech Posts: 135Member
    As I stated earlier this issue is for all actors in every project I make. This only occurs on one of my Macs.
  • MobileRocketGamesMobileRocketGames Posts: 128Member
    edited November 2012
    can you do a little test for us?
    create a new actor (a white box), drag it into the scene, open it up, apply a constrain attribute self.Position.X to mouse.Position.X and self.Position.Y to mouse.Position.Y
    then, place a rule with the trigger on touch, play sound, select any sound effect.

    Preview the game.
    Is there no actor following the mouse? do you hear a sound when you click the mouse?

    Final question, have you tried reinstalling GS, Xcode and/or your graphics drivers?
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