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Windows 8 Store app submissions don't meet requirement 3.2 - CRASH

8BitAvrin8BitAvrin Posts: 361Member, PRO
edited February 2013 in Working with GS (PC)
Hey there, I've been trying to submit a few of the apps I've made with GameSalad to the Windows Store, but I keep running into problems. Right now all of my apps are failing at the Content Compliance level due to them not meeting requirement 3.2. I've been able to fix the other errors I've received, but I keep running into the 3.2 crashing problem. On the PDF in the crash report they're saying the app crashes when you click on Support or Terms of Service in the Windows charm settings area. Also on one of the apps they're saying it crashes when you hit an item which didn't happen when I submitted it the first time.....
I'm able to generate everything fine, and I know the importance of having matching IDs, package names, and links to my privacy policy and support page. Also looking at the stats on my website, I see there's an increase on the hits on my privacy policy & support/contact page on the days they're testing them so.....what's going on? I've entered the links with and without the www. even just in case.

Has anybody had any success getting apps approved on Windows using an Apple computer that doesn't have Windows 8 installed? Has anybody ran into the problems I've noted above and found a fix?

Here's the note I've received from the testers;
The app crashed during our review. If we were able to capture a crash report, we have provided it to you.

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