Key generator program

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Earlier today I wrote a random key generator for a number of reasons:
1. Protect attribute names (since the attributes can be changed using iExplorer
2. Help with SKUs
3. Passwords
4. Cheat code generation

The program allows you to enter the length of the code you want so if you enter 12, it will output a 12 character alphanumeric key. It also automatically copies the code to the clipboard once it is generated. If you would find this in anyway helpful then feel free to download it. You don't need to give me credit or anything like that as long as you don't claim you made it. :D Enjoy!

Please note that I am not reliable for any crashes, damage or viruses on your computer if you change the code of this program ( this is possible since it is written in Applescript) or if you happen to find it someplace else. :)


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