Windows 8 Publishing not working?

greenrhynogreenrhyno Member, PRO Posts: 152
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I have had a Windows 8 app queued for generation for over 2 hours and it still has not completed. I cannot stop the generation to start again as the "generating" button is greyed out. I have refreshed my browser multiple times and signed into my portfolio on different browsers on windows and mac to see if the generation is complete and just not appearing on the original publishing page but no matter what it still says "generating" in the greyed out box.

This is really annoying. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't want to have to create a whole other app in my portfolio just to try again. I'd submit a bug report but I have never even had a response or a fix come from those so they seem to be pointless.


  • ShaunEleryShaunElery Member, PRO Posts: 148
    Same problem here. I tried a Windows 8 generation for the first time yesterday and it is still stuck.
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