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    Welcome! Hopefully you will be able to put up with us! Underneath our griping and complaining we really are a grateful bunch. (For the most part :P )
    I love griping and complaining. It means you care about the product! It's my job to make sure we do something about your complaints and griping. And that's what I'll do! :D
    LOL, get ready to feel a lot of love and welcome to Gamesalad.

    PS two things I hate seeing from GS "very soon" and "next week",lol
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    Great to hear about all the communication and the (hopefully) more efficient development process. I know you said that you were just getting to know the team and you couldn't give us any real dates, but could you give us a very rough timeframe for Lau free? Like if it will be out within the next 6 months? Or a year?

    And as others have said, if you search through all of our complaining, you will find the GameSalad community to be a great place :)
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    ...but could you give us a very rough timeframe for Lau free? Like if it will be out within the next 6 months? Or a year?
    I really can't give any time frame yet. But, philosophically speaking, I'm not convinced that we need to throw the entire Lua engine away to get the improvements we'd all like to see.

    A lot of progress has been made on the lua-free native engine, but it's not ready for prime time yet. So, moving forward, should we focus all of our efforts on that? Or should we do what we can to blend the two engines together and optimize what we have? Tough questions for sure.

    I will say that I won't put my weight behind any approach that pushes major improvements out by months. We need to turn stuff around faster than that.

    That being said, I can't be more specific quite yet.
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    Welcome to the forums! Woah! You worked at Microsoft? What did you do there?
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    I did the multi-player programming for Freelancer. I also led the development for an object-oriented database used as the back end for a game data pipeline. Also worked on an unannounced XBox 360 launch title that never made it. :)

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    I like what I'm hearing thus far. B-)
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    Looks interesting.
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    Welcome!....I can't wait to see all the goodies that lie ahead!!! =D>
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    I really can't give any time frame yet. But, philosophically speaking, I'm not convinced that we need to throw the entire Lua engine away to get the improvements we'd all like to see.
    What's this?! It looks like GameSalad might have made a really good hire. I was wondering why Lua was a problem. Isn't that what Corona uses?

    Although, if Stephen is right, that's possibly another shift in direction for GameSalad. It's like watching a sports car stuck in the snow. One day it might take off and be amazing. But right now, it's a lot of tire spinning.

    I did the multi-player programming for Freelancer.
    Yup... looking like a good hire so far.

    Then there's this...

    NCsoft reminds me of Guild Wars, but that's ArenaNet. So I looked online to see the relation to Stephen. Oh no... Dungeon Runners! It was looking so good until then. Ha ha!

    Freelancer is an amazing game though. "We don't run this establishment, but we have an understanding with the folks that do." So, I can look past Dungeon Runners... way past... I try not to look directly at it in general.
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    Aww, DR was a good game. :)
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    Greetings! Kewlness. Looking forward to your wizard brew.
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    Aww, DR was a good game. :)
    From what I remember, it was kinda a spoof on MMORPGs. I think the humor was appreciated by some, as I vaguely remember reading comments from people enjoying the game. But like so many games in the genre, it didn't survive.

    That's why I liked Freelancer. I could run my own server. But considering that Microsoft pulled the plug on the matchmaking service, and I'm not sure if it's safe to run such old software on a publicly accessible computer, I'm not sure if that's a good idea for me to run a Freelancer server.

    With your network gaming background, that might be a good place for you to focus... cross-platform multiplayer mobile gaming. Is that a new acronym... CPMMG?
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    Yeah, there's a lot of reasons why a game doesn't "make it." Quality is oftentimes not the issue. But I am biased for sure!
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    Yeah, there's a lot of reasons why a game doesn't "make it." Quality is oftentimes not the issue. But I am biased for sure!
    Couldn't agree more with that.
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    This is great! And welcome @CodeWizard

    I agree about the possibility of not throwing away the LUA engine. I know a couple of devs at my workplace use it and think its great, after talking to them about the latest update they thought that the update to LUAJIT was a really good move!

    One thing that i'd like to suggest to improve performance is to introduce an atlas builder into Gamesalad. If all our project images could be combined when the app is published I think it'd make a really big difference!

    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, cant wait to see what you can do to improve on an already great piece of software!

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    I like you already Steven. You're direct and to the point and you have a sense of humor. Most of all you seem to have a passion and drive. These are the qualities that drive great things! Much success to you and you're vision.
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    Hi Steven, welcome! And what a great discussion you start.
    You did spook me, I was playing Elite on a commodore 64 emulator yesterday and then saw Freelancer here. Never saw it before. And in the video above some character has my name as well (Ludwig). Scaaaaaareeeeeey!!

    I see you already made your fan base ;) Looking forward to your input and progress on the engine!

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    @CodeWizard - Welcome! Sounds like we'll be seeing some really cool stuff coming up soon O:-)
    - Thomas
    P.S. Also.. you mentioned blending the two engines together. Do you really see that as a possibility? And if so, how (well) would it work?
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    Welcome too, @CodeWizard :-) Do you know Harry? ;-)

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    When I mention blending the two engines together, I don't mean making a nice engine smoothie. :)

    What I mean is taking parts from the new native engine and bringing them into the current engine you're using. That way we can get improvements into your hands more quickly. This is because we're not waiting for all of the changes to be done and tested before sending them your way.

    We're still having some internal discussions on this, but I'm definitely leaning toward improving the current engine through rapid iteration. Fix bugs, optimize systems, add features on a regular interval. You'll see improvements more quickly and there will be less risk on our end when delivering because the number of changes will be smaller per release.

    The end result is the same: fixing performance problems, adding features, squishing bugs and reducing memory requirements. I'd personally like to get there in the most direct way possible and get changes in your hands as quickly as we can. Waiting on a massive rewrite is arguably not the best approach.
  • CodeWizardCodeWizard Inactive, Chef Emeritus Posts: 1,143

    Welcome too, @Codewizard :-) Do you know Harry? ;-)
    Maybe I do. Don't make me avada....
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    Again always amazing to see more "yellows"

    I most certainly will look very forward to see what you contribute to GameSalad.

    Look forward to the new Lua improvements.

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    I think your attitude is a breath of fresh air if I'm honest.


    QS :D

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    Good to see GS beefing up the team. Welcome! ;)
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    @CodeWizard Congrats and welcome! I'm glad you're with us!

    Crossing my fingers for 2d liquid simulation and joints. Oh, and at least turn based multiplayer :)

    Soooo many possibilities. Now that would be awesome.

    "I did the multi-player programming for Freelancer."
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    Hey Stephen.
    Welcome to the fold.

    Really liking your no nonsense "Let's get !@#$% done" posts so far.


    Good stuff. Looking forward to feeling your influence on things in the future (that's not a euphemism, no matter how it sounds)

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    I'm happy to hear about your proposed philosophy of rapid iterations. This would give the community a better sense of how the program is growing over time and can be looked back at as a copious amount of easily defined benchmarks (speaking from a marketing perspective). It would help ease the discomfort of spending money to be Pro, seeing a new release with new bugs as well as old ones, and knowing that there likely won't be a fix for months. I can also see how this would make GameSalad more attractive to new users since a perception of constant visible growth is more attractive than a perception of irregular interstitial growth.

    It'll be easier to let us know what was fixed as well which should make the necessary code altering on our end MUCH smoother and faster since we won't be guessing about what exactly broke and why.

    To be honest about the native engine:

    It feels much more like a brand that hasn't be introduced yet rather than a feature that hasn't been introduced yet. Quite frankly It's been way too long since it was announced and shown in an alpha state to not be a feature in some form or another. I personally don't care at all how you do it, so long as you do it in a way that helps make the platform more malleable for new features available in the mobile operating systems as well as improving performance and memory handling. A mix of LUA and what's already in the works is perfect, so long as it works.

    What we want something that works extremely well. If you decide to go the hybrid route, I would consider ditching the name "Native Code Engine" and give it a new branding that sounds as exciting. Otherwise it'll be years before you hear the end of it.

    I'm excited by your post. I like GS and my experience with the people who work there have for the most part been very good. I hope you bring the energy you bring here into the office with you. I can see some great things coming in the future if you do.

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