Who does this new face belong to?



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    Wow, Welcome!

    I'm excited to see how their knowledge affects our game development! I expect to see big changes soon. To me this has priority:

    1. - Engine Lua-Free

    2. - Integration with Facebook

    3. - Do not delay the upgrade so long to arrive

    4. - More third party tools

    5. - Multiplayer!

    6. - Custom load bars

    7. - Please! Access to device APIs, Camera, vibration, etc.

    Greetings and I hope you find it interesting.

    And a great spot for GS. Thanks GS, this seems to have been a success
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    @CodeWizard - Got it, thanks for the clarification B-)
    - Thomas
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    I'm excited by your post. I like GS and my experience with the people who work there have for the most part been very good. I hope you bring the energy you bring here into the office with you. I can see some great things coming in the future if you do.
    I only have one speed when working. You could blame it on the coffee or just love of the work. Probably a mix of both. Full steam ahead!

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    I don't think any other user on the forums has gotten to 50 awesome less than 5 days after signing up. ;)
    - Thomas
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    Welcome CodeWizard.

    This is the best GS thread Ive read in a long time, and carries with it the most promising news and discussion on the direction of the software that Ive probably read.

    I really like your approach regarding quick iteration and update of the current engine, rather than throwing everything behind a complete overhaul and rewrite of the engine... it makes much more sense, and will help to rebuild some of the GameSalad tarnished reputation if users see a more frequent and useful series of updates.

    I think your going to be a very popular fellow with the forum users.... :)

    Oh... and Dungeon Runners was a cool game... I totally get where you were going with it, and really enjoyed playing it.
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    Very exciting stuff all around I think. In my opinion the greatest thing that we could benefit from would just be basic information. Being able to be kept up to date with what's being worked on right now, what's coming up in the very next release, and what's the longterm plan for the rest of the year. This way I am not left guessing what "surprise" update will come this next GS release.

    That list can and should change as things change with each release, but it at least keeps me in the loop. Like @StraightSaladShooter always says, "Don't plan your business model on features of Gamesalad that have not been released yet". I completely agree with this wholeheartedly. But I think that much of the frustration that seems to emanate from the forums always seems to boil down to a lack of good, solid information.

    Looking forward to what comes next. Welcome aboard!!! :-)
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    Being able to be kept up to date with what's being worked on right now, what's coming up in the very next release, and what's the longterm plan for the rest of the year. This way I am not left guessing what "surprise" update will come this next GS release... I think that much of the frustration that seems to emanate from the forums always seems to boil down to a lack of good, solid information.
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    OK, OK, lets stop talking now and let @CodeWizard get some work done!
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    This is exciting! I've been putting off some developing some stuff because over a year ago (yes a long, long time ago) we were told we'd be getting a new lua-free engine and to watch this space, and I didn't want to start a new project only to find it has to be re-written for a new engine. How naive, right?!?!

    One of the biggest problems for most of us is that we never get timings from the GS team, so we're left guessing when and what new features would arrive and when. If you can help with that transparency, I think we'd all be very grateful.

    Also, while we have a lot of basic improvements we need (I'm sure you've seen the long list i.e. better collision, joints, grid snapping etc. etc.), and those need to be prioritized, I'd love to know if you're thinking about the features that will take GS to the next level? Even with the basics nailed, I think there are two key things we're missing that give GS devs a significant disadvantage against the big developers:

    Facebook connect - Look at the top games today. Nearly all of them are connecting people to their friends through gameplay, and most often fb connect. Done well, it drives significant viral marketing.

    In-Game Analytics - Where are users dropping off? How many visit the in-game store? This is what makes the big developers amazing at retention. They react and alter their games based on user behavior. Everything is a science based on real data.

    Would love your thoughts on getting GS up to A-grade standard so we can start to see some GS devs hit the big time. :-)
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    Welcome @CodeWizard .. u r brimming with energy and its seeping through. :bz
    excited about you being at GS. The guys really needed and extra hand, seems like they've got enough. <:-P

    Will wait to see the new changes. Of course there is a lot to cover up. But it isn't so bad either. Really was appreciative of codemasters and their products. Great to see you here. Hopefully we all will find and learn something new.
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    I only have one speed when working. You could blame it on the coffee or just love of the work. Probably a mix of both. Full steam
    Like this?

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    Playing with fire there @SaladStraightShooter can you imagine the backlash you would of got?
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    I think the joke is that CodeWizard is a joke :)

    I mean tomorrow SaladStraightShooter will post something like

    "April Fools!

    Codewizard is really Codewizard! My elaborate April Fool's prank was a success!"
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    April Fools!

    Codewizard is really me! My elaborate April Fool's prank was a success!

    April Fools Again.
    I don't care who you are, that was funny right there!
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    Isn't April Fools meant to start on Monday 1st April, not Sunday 31st March? Just saying' ;-)
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    Yes, exactly like that. But faster! More like a caffeine induced cornholio episode.


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    @SaladStraightShooter I just looked up the GS Direct thing (before my time with GS so I didn't know about it) and wow... Ya I can see that. @-)
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    Get that man a coffee IV stand.
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    Welcome CodeWizard :) Really looking forward to having improvements and new features added to GameSalad :D
  • @codewizard speaking from one of the only Major brands that is using GS... i would like more answers and time tables... We had about 3 million downloads in christmas season and reached #3 in top new publishers in ios for the 4th quarter.... but the lack of features that are needed in our games are not existent... such as facebook integration, and access to take photos of in game content for sharing... I was hoping to speak to someone at GDC but.... your team was not there. I also tried contacting your PR team about doing so co-pr initiatives due to the all the media we got through our games and most people do not know they were all done in GS...Never heard back from anyone..for a starting company who just received funding... that seemed strange. I did see Gamemaker with a booth there... and told us... for a premiere publisher as our selves they would be willing to build in features into their platform if it meant a couple million downloads and if we did some co-pr campaigns..this came from their CTO..... they were very convincing... and I am thinking of doing the switch... I wish we had this available at GS.... I would not even mind paying a higher annual fee if it meant getting more features that are needed to fully leverage the mobile landscape... i would love to keep our 13+ games in game salad and build on them.... but will pay to have them rebuilt on another platform if necessary.
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    I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm a new hire, so bear with me. :)

    My takeaway from your post is that you want:

    1. Facebook integration.

    2. Screenshot capturing / photo access.

    3. Web interface so you can upload / download content.

    Those are very reasonable requests that I think most GS users desire. My first focus is going to be getting the team working on optimization / cleanup of the existing tool and engine. We'll then turn our attention to new features like this when that work is well in hand.

    I can't speak to the failure of your contact with PR. As SSS said, perhaps your email was thought to be generic business development spam. I know that folks were meeting at GDC because I've received copies of detailed developer feedback from such meetings. Curious.

    Anyway, we'll be doing everything we can to improve GS as soon as possible. I'm sorry for your upset and confusion. I certainly don't want to lose your business. Let's try to work together to get the features you need to make your games shine with GameSalad!
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    It sounds like you're insisting we give you more updates than the rest of the community while simultaneously threatening to take your business elsewhere... which I find a strange way of requesting information.

    Enough is enough, if you don't hand over 3D joints and polygonal collision detection I am taking 'Tony the Spider vs 3D Lesbian Death Cubes' (currently sitting at #2684 in the Uzbekistan Free games chart) over to GameMaker.
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    @codewizard speaking from one of the only Major brands that is using GS...
    I wouldn't be too happy seeing GameSalad redirect their efforts away from the general needs of the community of users towards servicing the particular needs of individuals or companies, the idea that - for instance - a corporation could come along and say 'stop working on X, Y and Z and redirect your efforts to A, B and C because that's what we need for our projects' seems to go against the GameSalad ethos of 'Game creation for everyone'.
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    For a highly representative brand that your claiming to be you could deffinately use better punctuation for a start!
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    I did the multi-player programming for Freelancer. I also led the development for an object-oriented database used as the back end for a game data pipeline.
    @CodeWizard it it refreshing to see you here. Since you have expert experience in multi-player I have two questions:

    1. Why on earth has multi-player not been a priority for GameSalad all this time?
    2. When can we have something that will allow us to create asynchronous multi-player games?

    Seriously just a simple way to import and export variables would be good enough! I could use my own backend like Roar Engine or something. Just a way to get variables in and out would be enough to have something! (shouting because it seems like no one has been listening for a long time.) The sad part is that it should be one of the simplest things to program. I mean HECK why not even just implent whats available in GameCenter for multiplayer.

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    @CodeWizard - Thank you for all of your insight! You're doing a great job. ;)
    - Thomas
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