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I am not able to test my game on android device from windows please help

bhaktarajbhaktaraj Posts: 29Member, PRO
Hi i have made a game in windows 7 and not able to test it on android device am very disappointed please helpppppppppppp.

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  • bhaktarajbhaktaraj Posts: 29Member, PRO
    edited April 2013
    Hi SlickZero:
    Thanks for the reply but was just wondering wound it publish my game as what i am looking for is just to test my on going project on android device. sorry for the silly question but am new to game salad thanks again.
  • future_games_101future_games_101 Posts: 58Member
    I have the same problem, I hope you get a answer
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,377Member, Sous Chef
  • IbomchaIbomcha Posts: 1Member
    @future_games_101. I just build it and everything works what you have to do.

    1. Publish the game
    2. THere wil be a screen "publish my greate game " click publish.
    3. it will ask to create a new game or update existing game. you can update or create . i creat new.
    4. An then there will be screen asking for game name. add the game name. add the icon. and then . And below there will be platform panel select which device you are builing for.
    i choose android.
    5. after that fill in the details. nick name, Android Pakage name, ANdroid version version code and version number.
    6. Thats it see it there will be generate apk. click the button and wait for a while and just refresh the screen.
    7. And tap the platform which you have selected i selected android so i select android then save the apk the button is just next to generate apk.
    8. It will save the apk which is unsign. so got to game salad click tool.
    9.fill in the apk signer. create new or use existing keystore. and load the apk which you have generated in the sign section then done mail the apk to ur gmail and install it in the device.

    HOPE THIS WAS HELPFULL :) all the best
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