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when I drag the actor to the screen does not display her image

when I drag the actor to the screen does not display her image,what could be the problem?a lot of thanks


  • CatGoneCrazyCatGoneCrazy Posts: 90Member, PRO
    Make sure the alpha/opacity is not set to 0 in the 'colour' box in the actor. Also make sure that you can see the image in the top-left window when you edit the actor. If these things are set and there's no 'change attribute' behaviour or 'interpolate' behavior affecting the image's opacity, check that the picture file isn't corrupted. Save it again and re-import, then drag it onto the actor's image window. That should do it.
  • c3r3b3llumc3r3b3llum Posts: 2Member
    Im having the same problem. In my case it appears to be something related to having multiple monitors.

    If i create an actor, it gets created at X=1015 and Y=194. If i change these properties using the actor properties (left-bottom) it gets positioned ok and looks good in the simulator.

    But if i drag or resize it gets corrupted again. Its very annoying. Hope this get fixed soon.
  • c3r3b3llumc3r3b3llum Posts: 2Member
    I downloaded the last version and this bug doesn't appear anymore.
  • BluTechBluTech Posts: 4Member
    When you have dragged an actor onto the screen, even if it shows or not you can click on the layers tab in the menu, and then the actor should be in the menu there. Just simply drag that actor out from the layers and onto the screen, and it should appear!
  • -Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member
    just delete all the numbers after the , then it should work... :)
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