Can't get images, actors or any rules to show up / work

I just started with the "Gamesalad Creator" software a coupple of days ago, and I have tried to make a coupple of things, on all my four windows computers, and every time I try to do something, it bugs out! This is really irritating! Here is one example. I try to make a new actor and when I do so, I add the image to the actor, and try to drag it onto the screen. The first bug I have, is when I try to drag the actor onto the screen, it won't work. I can drag it out like 15 times, but it doesn't show up on the screen. Then I go onto the layers section, where there are showing 15 items on the list under the background layer, but still doesn't show up on the screen. I made it so that I can drag one of the "layers" onto the screen, and it will show up and I place it in the right position (I check the x and y axic), but when I preview the project, the picture is not showing in the right place, and usually you can barrely see some of the picture.

photo GamesaladBUGImg2_zps3dbb5e37.png
Here you can see what I mean by the picture is not in the correct place, and here is a picture of what it looks like before I preview.

photo GamesaladBUGImg1_zps2c5f50e2.png

As you can see, everything shoud work, I guess. It would be really nice with some help! Thank you!



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