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On Windows 8, brighter artworks?

My game looks almust the same, on Mac, iOS and Android. But on Windows 8 all artworks look brighter.
Why does that happened?
I use only png-files, does maybe that is important?


  • hiddevandijkhiddevandijk Posts: 17Member
    This is because RGB is treated differently on PC / Windows systems. Ther might be a way to this, but you have to try to resave your assets using different RGB profiles. Do you have access to Photoshop? Open one file. Under edit > Color Settings you can set profiles for your files. I cannot test it for you, but here might be the trick.
  • MarcoColMarcoCol Posts: 230Member
    Hmmm. Ok.
    But all our artworks was created on windows systems. And normally they are look same.
    I also don't speak from all graphics, but some graphics.
    I'll check...
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