Numerous Questions!

Hello all!
I'd just like to start that I have truly tried my best to google, use youtube, and search the forum for every issue i've faced. Thankfully, all my previous issues were solved that way, you're all very in the know :).

Sadly, I have a few questions. Basically, I have my character animated walking left and right and jumping. For the attack animation, the animation would have been larger that my standard .png's as the character back flips. When I press the attack button the PNG shrinks. Is there anyway to change this? or must I keep within the same original image size? Also, i'm having a problem figuring out how to run an animation through. Once you press the attack button, you have to hold the button down to run through the animation.

I set up the animation with the touch pressed, mouseposistion command, and 'moveattack' true. Then on the actor it affects, if game.moveattack true -> Do (animation).

Thank you! I do appologise if there has been a similar question elsewhere, I haven't been able to locate it!
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